Your Guide to “Lifted” Sex

Lydia Kariuki

October 23, 2019

Stoned sex is the holy grail of all sex; if research says so who are we to dispute. This is why I’m going to show in the next few minutes how to get it right with stoned sex.

First things first, does weed enhance sex?

The most accurate answer to this question is – it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to solely procreate then really you are better off staying away from Chemdawg and Godfather OG until you are through with siring your look-a-likes.

Smoking a small amount of pot may boost sperm count, but what this looks like in the long run is unclear. Perhaps other fertility enhancing supplements may work better than weed.

But if what you are looking for is a great sexual experience, then stoned sex is it for you. Look at what science says.

What Research On Cannabis And Sex Says

1.    Cannabis enhances sexual stimulation

Michael Castle man from Psychology Today conducted an online survey querying the relationship between marijuana and lovemaking. 67% of respondents reported that marijuana enhances their sex life. Both male and female participants reported getting “super excited” and ready for sex moments after indulging.

2.    Cannabis promotes sexual intimacy

In another study, participants had to report their sexual experience for thirty days during which they indulged in weed regularly. On the nights when the couples had enjoyed “stoning and boning” the sex was not only more robust, but the couples experienced deeper intimacy.

There’s one caveat to this; it takes two stoned partners to achieve this intimacy effect.

3.    Cannabis delivers the elusive female “O”

This is an interesting one; finally, we can help people with vaginas to climax without much grinding.

A recent study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine showed that getting stoned before sex led to “increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain, but no change in lubrication” in women.

Women tend to enjoy sex more and even orgasm better after taking moderate amounts of weed. This points to the diverse roles of the endocannabinoid system in women, admittedly there’s a paucity of literature in this area.

4.    Stoned sex equals more sex

Science has shown that couples that get stoned frequently also tend to have sex more frequently.

More surprising is the fact that the men tend to “last longer” during the action. It has been argued that perhaps the perception of time is warped when one is stoned. But the bottom line is that the experience feels like a blissful eternity.

Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To Stoned Sex

Now that we know why stoned sex is all the rage, here are a few dos and don’ts.

1.    Do: Involve your partner

Getting stoned all by yourself won’t do much to enhance intimacy or create a better sexual experience. You also don’t want to be feeling like the sex lasted five hours while your girl feels the exact opposite.

Stoned sex works best when both partners are in the euphoria zone Together.

2.    Do: Use lube

Remember the not-too-nice cottonmouth feeling that comes with getting stoned? Well, cotton- vagina is a reality.

As much as weed may get you super excited and ready for a smash, little miss V may need some help with getting wet. It’s important to mention that not all people have experienced this effect. But to be on the safe side, arm yourself with some good lube.

3.    Do: Get the right strain

This again goes to what kind of experience you are looking for. For eye-gazing passionate sex, a potent indica strain works best. Think strains with Afghani-like genetics. But should you be looking for some Trojan horse kind of experience, a Sativa would take you there. Sativa strains have a way of infusing a cerebral energy buzz that literary snatches you from the earth and throws you into outer space.

4.    Don’t: Have random sex

Weed can decrease sexual inhibition, what this means is that you are more likely to engage in random sex. Considering that you will be pretty stoned, safe sex might not be a priority at this point. To be on the safer side, just stick to your regular.

5.  Do: Consider a full-spectrum extract

CBD will not get you stoned, but it will improve your whole experience of stoned sex. Going for a full-spectrum strain that’s infused with some CBD and terpenes will make you more relaxed and in the right mood. If you are experiencing anxiety related to the “pressure to perform”, a full-spectrum will work some magic.