12 Days of Christmas

Lydia Kariuki

November 21, 2019

The Christmas festivities are here with us, yet again, for the umpteenth time. The Santa in you surely must be Christmas knackered. But hey, you still have to get with it and pick out AMAZING gifts for your stoner buddies. Here are a few thoughtful suggestions that will mellow even the most stone-hearted stoner.

Let’s get started.

1.  The Chrysophilist Stoner

They love gold, and they love ganja in equal measure. What better way to surprise them than with a gift that exquisitely fulfills both passions.

Koko and Kai is a good place to start. This online boutique store makes artisan cannabis-themed jewelry. The golden THC themed piece is elegant and adorable.

You can also order online from Toronto Hemp.

2.  The chocoholic Stoner

If they combine their love for chocolate with an insatiable love for potent weed, then they need to get a surprise order of Mota’s Black Chocolate.

These chocolate bars are super potent and not intended for the novice user. They pack a whole 600mg of THC which is more than enough to transpose a seasoned stoner to outer space. Putting this into perspective; 10 mg of THC is enough to give a newbie an “out-of-body” experience.

Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash

If you have that super-stoner buddy, now you know what to give them.

3. For The Natural Healer

There’s this buddy who seems to know a natural remedy for any conceivable ailment. Possibly you two go a long way back and you like them because they always have a quick fix for every ache. They are not exactly the stoner type; instead, they are always in sync with the latest developments in medicinal cannabis.

Granted, there are hundreds of cannabis strains out there that you can get for them. I chose Citral Skunk because of how well balanced this strain is. As much as it has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, it is also super potent with over 28% THC. The strain is recommended for depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, stress. Not a bad addiction to their arsenal.

Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash

You can check it out on CannaEssence through this link.

4.  The Pragmatist Stoner

They love cannabis but at the same time, they are so pragmatic that they won’t allow you to mix up terpsolate and terpene.

Well, the Weed Deck is the ideal gift for them this season. This deck of cards was created by Victoria’s Ben Barrett-Forrest and is a practical guide to everything cannabis. The designs are meticulous and every detail is well researched.

5.  The Naturalist stoner

There is that friend who loves cannabis just because it’s a natural herb. This friend will not go for a stylish vape pen or dab rig, just because it takes away the “naturalness” of the experience.

A pack of all-natural rolling papers from the Canadian Lumber Company is the ideal gift for such a buddy.

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

These rolling papers are made with 100% pure Arabic Gum.

6.  The Ceramic lover

Who loves pottery and ceramics in the 21st century? But you know it, there’s that one friend who places bets on The Great Pottery Throwdown.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Usually, it’s difficult to pick out a gift for this kind-of-friend.  You can try out a weed-themed ceramic ashtray that will always remind them of their love for ceramics as they toke.

Night Shift Ceramics has a pretty one that goes for $30.

7.  The fitness freak- we got to you!

This is for the friend who fully subscribes to CBD post-workout.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Check out ICE Cannabis Athletica for a selection of cannabis-themed athletic wear featuring Tees, snapbacks, toques, leggings, and much more.

8.  The Discrete Stoner-Hide That Pot Smell Candle

For the friend who always keeps their cannabis habits hush-hush. You can get them a rose and sandalwood scented soy candle to hide that pot smell. The Fragrance Lab (Hamilton) offers a few other varieties that are available on Etsy.

9.  The Ritualistic Stoner

This is for that friend who labels, files, boxes, and generally puts everything in neat and attractive order. Get them a “Stashie” so they can do the same with their stash. How thoughtful is that?

A stashie is the sticky-note equivalent for cannabis. It allows you to label items such as strain type, date bought, potency, etc

By Creator’s Collective on Unsplash

10.                   The Penny Pincher Stoner

This friend needs a paid-up subscription for stoner supplies. Why not start them out on the Dollar High Club subscription service which will keep them blazing through 2020.

Photo by Jonathan Brinkhorst on Unsplash

11.                   The DIY Stoner

This friend will do their hair, nails, and plumbing and any other personal shit DIY. Flow with it and give them a 4-piece Cali crusher grinder with a lifetime warranty.

You can buy this from Toronto Hemp and have it shipped to your doorstep.

12.                The Pet Lover Stoner

This could as well be Yours Truly.

You so love your pet and need to get them something special this Christmas.

Spoil them with some generous love from Creating Brighter Days. You can choose from a wide selection of hand-crafted CBD infused pet treats intended for dogs, cats, and horses.

Photo by Iz & Phil on Unsplash