Mother Plants Matter

Emily Poster

November 19, 2019

Most cannabis consumers have a favourite strain but end up finding significant differences in the strain’s effects when it is purchased from different producers.  Some differences can be attributed to different growing practices, watering schedules, and light sources, however the biggest differences come from how the plant is bred.

Monoecious vs. Dioecious

The cannabis plant is dioecious, meaning that it has both male and female plants. In order for cannabis to reproduce, the male plant must cross pollinate with the female plant to produce seeds and continue the lineage of the strain. This causes more genetic variance in each seed when compared to monoecious plants that are able to self-pollinate.

Seeds Express Their Genetics Differently

When cannabis plants are started from seed, there is a vast amount of variance in the genetic traits each seed will express. In essence, a grower could germinate 100 seeds of the same strain and end up with 100 plants that express vastly different traits. The only way to eliminate the variance is to find a plant that expresses all of the wanted traits of the strain and then using that plant as a “mother plant” to clone more plants. This will ensure the desired traits are passed on to each clone and the effects of that strain remain consistent.

Consistency for Consumers

If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.

In other words, if you have found a perfect expression of your favourite strain, continue to buy that strain from the same producer. This will ensure a consistent product that is bred from the same “mother plant” time after time.