Cannabis and the Federal Election

Emily Poster

October 19, 2019

With the federal election looming, many Canadians are still unsure of who to vote for. While it can be difficult to determine which political party best aligns with our beliefs, the different stances on cannabis have been made clear by party leaders. Let’s break down the cannabis platforms of the four major political parties in Canada.


The Liberal party brought Canadians legal recreational cannabis however they have been heavily criticized for their policies surrounding legalization. The Liberals still walk the middle of the road and are heavily focused on keeping cannabis out of the hands of youths and maintaining public health and safety. Another Liberal government would surely be more of the same old strain.


Earlier this year, Conservative leader Andrew Sheer stated that he would reverse cannabis legalization if elected. Although he has since withdrawn his stance on reversing legalization, his harsh opinion of cannabis may concern some voters.

O’ Cannabis!


The NDP party are proponents of legal cannabis and tabled a motion last year (M-198) to remove taxes for medical cannabis patients. The NDP is also working toward expunging criminal cannabis records instead of just pardoning individuals who have cannabis related offences.

Unsurprisingly, the Green Party has one of the most progressive stances on legal cannabis, sharing a similar stance to the NDP party. The Green Party is working towards removing taxes on medical cannabis as well as promoting outdoor growing of recreational cannabis. One of the biggest goals of the Green Party is to reduce the price of recreational cannabis in order to shut down the grey market for good.

Go Vote

Regardless of which party you decide to support, it is important to have your voice heard. Get out there and vote!